Social Activities

The Brain Charity choir formed in February 2016 and is going from strength to strength. Anyone is welcome to come along and join in, we have a mixture of male and female members, and it's a friendly group with no pressure to sing solos - but if you're a budding Adele or Sam Smith we’d be very keen for you to have a go!

Choir practice runs 5.00-6.00pm every other Monday and there's free tea and coffee (or water) to keep those vocal cords lubricated. There's lots of laughter in between the singing and lots of friendships have been formed.

Clinical research into the benefits of singing when you have a neurological condition have shown that it can elevate your mood, improve general health and wellbeing and give your brain a good workout, thus improving your quality of life. Apart from anything else, it's really good fun and it's a great feeling when a song comes together, it's something you can be really proud of.

No need to book just turn up, you'll be assured of a warm welcome!